5 Old Misconceptions About the Towing Industry That Some People Still Believe

Although they may have been true at some point in time, the ‘wild west’ days of the tow truck industry have all but passed. Instead, they’ve been replaced with professional operations like WeTow. Clean, tidy trucks, trained professional drivers and a tech platform that allows trucks to be scheduled and GPS-tracked from the depot.

Still, these old misconceptions are still hanging around. Probably in part due to the few bad eggs that ruin it for the rest of us. Partly because the industry used to be very different to what it is today and most people rarely have a need for a towing service so their last interaction with a tow truck may have been 20 years ago.

Whatever the reason, we’re going to take a look at the five most common misconceptions we see and hear.

Tow truck drivers aren’t out to get you

This is a common misconception that many people have about tow truck drivers. In reality, drivers are often called to the scene of an accident or breakdown by a property owner, law enforcement, or a motorist who needs assistance. 

They aren’t thinking up elaborate schemes to get money out of you, they’re being called to the location to move a vehicle safely.

All tow trucks are the same

There are many different types of tow trucks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. As you can see from our tow truck fleet, they have differing heights, weights, load capacities and loading methods.

The most common you’ll probably see on the road are tilt tray tow trucks, simply because they’re the most versatile. They can safely transport the widest range of vehicles and equipment, including those have were badly wrecked. If you’re broken down in an underground car park though, there’s just no room for the tilt tray to be raised. That’s where our wheel lift trucks come in!

Even within the tilt tray range, there are subtle differences that can make a truck better or worse for a job. When you call our team to arrange a tow truck, we’ll ask a series of questions to make sure we’re sending the right one out to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Tow trucks can tow any vehicle

With so many differences between trucks, it makes sense that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ option. It’s obvious that we’re not going to send the Super Tilt to transport a Nissan Micra. Beyond obvious size limitations, we also have to consider things like where your vehicle is located, the condition it’s in, the dimensions and even the ride height.

While a tilt tray can transport most vehicles and equipment, they’re still limited by towing and traffic regulations, along with the laws of physics.

Thankfully, between our broad fleet of tow trucks and equipment like our dollies, there aren’t many jobs we aren’t equipped for. Still, if you’re unsure, it’s always worth a phone call!

Tow truck drivers are unprofessional

These days, the vast majority of the towing industry is staffed by clean, professional drivers. They’re closely monitored and regulated, well trained and take pride in doing a job well.

For example, when you’re dealing with WeTow, all of our drivers will be happy to answer any questions you might have, before, during and after the job. They can tell you what the process will look like, guide you through the paperwork and take payment on the spot.

Done correctly, hiring a tow truck should be a simple and efficient process, guided by a professional driver.

All towing companies are the same

Just like tow trucks, not all towing companies are the same. Take a good look at the state of their trucks and equipment, their website and what 3rd party reviews have to say about their brand before committing to the service.

While no business gets all 5-star reviews, if they seem to have a constant string of bad reviews (especially if they’re making the same complaints!), you may want to look elsewhere.

Another key difference is that not all services have the same range of trucks. If you have a heavy vehicle or a motorbike that needs transporting, both of these can require some specialist equipment that some operators may not have.

One thing all towing companies have in common is that they have to follow the same industry regulations. There are limitations on what’s covered in a “standard tow”, how much they can charge and so much more. For more info on this, see our post, Brisbane Tow Truck Prices & The Regulations You Should Know.

With the industry making so much great progress in recent years, it’s a shame to see these old misconceptions sticking about. Hopefully, the next time you need to arrange a tow truck, you’ll see for yourself how much it’s changed since the 90s.

If you want to make sure you’re getting a great, professional service, give us a call and see for yourself!