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With a broad range of trucks in our fleet, our team can handle virtually any job you throw at us. 

From motorbikes to shipping containers and even low, prestige cars, we’ve got you covered.

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The WeTow Fleet

Dual Cab Tilt Tray Tow Trucks

With its dual cab, these trucks can seat up to 7 people including the driver. Ideal if you’ve broken down with others on board.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 4.9T

Entry Height Required: 2.6m

Truck Length: 9.1m

Tray Width: 2.5m


With space for two passengers plus our driver, our heavy tilts have a higher capacity than you might think. They’re good for up to a 6.5T load including shipping containers.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 6.9T

Tray Length: 7.5m

Tray Width: 2.5m

6.5T FE Tow Truck

F350 tow trucks

Perfect if you need a tow truck that can get into tighter spaces like an underground car park. Our F-350s only need 1.9m to operate. They can also fit two passengers plus our driver.

Entry Height Required: 1.9m

F350 Tow Truck

Isuzu Heavy Lift Tow Truck

Another great option when height is an issue. Our Isuzu heavy lift trucks are a great option if you have a heavier vehicle that needs towing from somewhere a tilt tray won’t fit.

Entry Height Required: 2.2m

Low Loader Tow Truck

Need a low vehicle moved safely? From heavily modified and race cars to high end prestige vehicles, the Low Loader’s tray drops to the ground. This brings the tray to a 4.9 degree angle. If that’s still not enough, we always keep additional ramps on board to reduce it even more.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 4.2T

Entry Height Required: 2.6m

Truck Length: 9.1m

Tray Width: 2.5m

Tray Length: 6.2m

Tilt tray tow truck


The most common truck you’ll see for heavy machinery, small trucks and containers. Our bogie drive has the extra size and capacity for just about anything you’re likely to need.

Maximum Load Capacity: 10 Tonnes

Tray Length: 9m

Tray Width: 2.5m

Bogie Drive Tow Truck

Super Tilt

The biggest truck in our fleet, there isn’t much the Super Tilt can’t transport. With a max capacity of 24t for a single item or 18t for multiple, it’s ideal for moving trucks and 40ft shipping containers.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 24t

Total Trailer Length: 15m

Whole Unit Length: 19m

Bottom Deck Length: 11.1m

Top Deck Length: 3.9m

Super Tilt Tow Truck

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