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Heavy Haulage Towing Brisbane

With everything from wheel lifts to a Super Tilt in our fleet, we have the trucks, training and equipment to get the job done, quick and easy.

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24/7 Heavy Haulage

Not all tow jobs come up at a convenient time. If you’ve got some heavy equipment you need moved, give us a call and we’ll get the right truck on the way to you, fast.

Naturally, our heavy haulage drivers are and trained and held to the same standard as our other drivers so you know you’re in safe hands every time.


hourly rate for flexibility

Some heavy haulage jobs can bring some interesting (and time consuming) challenges along the way.

Rather than a complicated pricing scheme, both our Super Tilt   (22 Tonne maximum) and Bogey Carry (10 Tonne maximum) are billed at an hourly rate.

 Nice and simple, just how it should be.

Heavy haulage getting loaded on Brisbane's North Side
Heavy haulage truck carrying another truck

Tow Truck Services
Available 24/7


Breakdowns are frustrating enough without standing around waiting for a tow truck.

Get a truck on the way now from $99.


If you’ve been in an accident, you already have a lot on your plate. Contact our friendly team and get a driver on the way asap to take away some of that stress.


If you’re stranded in an emergency, now isn’t the time to wait around for a tow truck.

Get a driver on the way to you right now!


We also offer car towing if you just need to move a vehicle from one place to another.

You guessed it, also from just $99.


Many of us owning motorcycles ourselves, we’ll treat your bike like it was our own. Strapping it down carefully  and making sure it doesn’t get scratched or dented.


From shipping containers to larger vehicles, if it’s under 7 tonne and fits on a truck, we can probably move it.

Unsure? Give us a call to find out now.

Flexible Heavy Haulage

Capable of moving vehicles and equipment up to 22T, we regularly complete all kinds of jobs across Brisbane. Some of these can include:

  • Broken down or wrecked trucks
  • 40ft containers, loaded or empty
  • Large, heavy machinery
  • Busses
  • Multiple cars (up to 3)
  • Large trailers
  • RVs

The term ‘heavy haulage’ covers a lot of different job types, and that means it takes more than just 1 truck to cover that whole spectrum accurately.

To make sure we’re providing the right equipment at a competitive rate, we’ll ask a few basic qualifying questions and get the right truck dispatched for the job.


3 Different Trucks
For Heavy Haulage

Our Brisbane heavy haulage fleet


With space for two passengers plus our driver, our heavy tilts have a higher capacity than you might think. They’re good for up to a 6.5T load including shipping containers.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 6.9T

Tray Length: 7.5m

Tray Width: 2.5m

6.5T FE Tow Truck


The most common truck you’ll see for heavy machinery, small trucks and containers. Our bogie drive has the extra size and capacity for just about anything you’re likely to need.

Maximum Load Capacity: 10 Tonnes

Tray Length: 9m

Tray Width: 2.5m

Bogie Drive Tow Truck

Super Tilt – Up to 22 Tonnes

The biggest truck in our fleet, there isn’t much the Super Tilt can’t transport. With a max capacity of 24t for a single item or 18t for multiple, it’s ideal for moving trucks and 40ft shipping containers.

Max Load Capacity: Up to 22T

Total Trailer Length: 15m

Whole Unit Length: 19m

Bottom Deck Length: 11.1m

Top Deck Length: 3.9m

WeTow's Super Tilt heavy haulage tow truck

A Quality Heavy Haulage Service YOu can always rely on. proudly services the greater Brisbane area. Not sure if that’s you? Give us a quick call!

Info You'll Need To Get One of our heavy haulage trucks on the way

To make the job as simple, efficient and cost-effective as possible, there are few things you can prepare before calling. This way we can make sure the super tilt is the best truck for the job and we can arrange additional support vehicles if needed.

  • Your exact location (a street corner, address or business name)
  • The type of vehicle(s) or equipment you need towed
  • The condition of your vehicle/equipment (broken down, damaged etc)
  • Where around Brisbane you’d like to be towed to
  • Any other information you think might be helpful to the driver (e.g. if it’s in a tight spot, is low to the ground or damaged)

Heavy Haulage You Can Rely On — On Call 24/7

If you need heavy haulage anywhere around Brisbane, just give us a call. We’ll have a truck on the way in no time.