8 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Car For a Tow Truck

Need to get your vehicle towed? We’re going to give you some quick tips to help you avoid the more common mistakes we see every week. With these in mind, you’ll be able to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary frustrations along the way.

Done right, arranging a tow truck doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful experience! No matter what, if you’re working with WeTow, our friendly team will be able to guide you through these steps if you miss something, too.

If possible, move your vehicle somewhere safe and accessible

Of course, if your car doesn’t start or can’t be moved, the tow truck driver will find a way to make it work. On the other hand, if your car does start and can be moved a short distance, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re somewhere safe.

Move yourself away from traffic, ideally with easy access to the front of your vehicle so it can be winched directly onto the truck. While this does save some time, this tip is more about putting the least amount of stress on your vehicle.

Know exactly where your car needs to be towed to

The clearer you can be with your instructions, the easier it is for your driver to get it just right. Particularly if your vehicle is being taken to somewhere like a mechanic or an apartment building in the Brisbane CBD, details really matter.

If it is being taken to another business, call ahead and ask them exactly where they’d like it put to avoid any confusion. Should your car be left in a certain parking spot? Will someone be there to put it into a shed or underground parking?

Make sure your windows are up

This sounds like common sense when you read it on the Internet but you’d be surprised how often this one gets overlooked. Even if the weather is perfect right now, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way for the duration of the trip.

It also makes sure any other items in your vehicle stay safe, no matter where your car is being taken.

Don’t forget about the other keys on your keyring!

Especially if you’ve arranged a tow truck after an accident or a breakdown, the last thing you need is to get home and realize your house keys are still with the car.

Since most of us tend to keep our most important keys attached to our car key, this is another one of those very basic and frustrating things that’s so easy to forget about.

Put any important belongings in a bag

Easily one of the most common mistakes people make is leaving something important in their car before it goes away on the tow truck. Wallets, office keys, iPads and laptops — all the small, simple things that are easily forgotten in the moment.

While your tow truck is on the way, take a couple of minutes to look through your car carefully. Don’t forget to check the boot as well! Spending those extra couple of minutes now might save you a lot of hassle getting to your car once it’s taken away.

Never lock your car before getting it towed

When taking your car on and off the tow truck, your driver will need access to the steering wheel, gear shifter and handbrake. To make the process a little easier, it’s best to just leave the car unlocked.

Don’t worry, they’ll make sure it’s securely locked up once it’s been unloaded at your chosen destination.

Get a price for the towing service when you call

Reputable tow truck services will typically share their pricing structure on the website for you to get an idea of cost (including WeTow — it’s right there on our home page!). The thing is, there are a few factors that can alter this price.

To lock in an exact cost to get your vehicle towed anywhere around Brisbane, ask for a quote before you even have the truck on the way. Not only does this let you prepare for the expense, but if you’ve accidentally chosen one of the (thankfully few) unsavory service providers around Brisbane, they won’t be able to overcharge you on the spot.

Don’t forget though, the cost of your tow is mostly based on distance. If you decide you want to change the destination at the last minute, that might alter the cost, too.

Get photos of your vehicle before it goes on the truck

This is another quick tip for more peace of mind. No matter how careful your tow truck driver might be, there’s just no controlling what others will do while in transit.

Although it’s incredibly rare that anything would ever happen, taking photos of your car is free and only takes a few seconds. If the worst should ever happen, it’ll make the insurance claim that much easier.